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  • 4 packets (28g each) of unflavored gelatin
  • 4 cups boiling water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Edible pearls or sugar pearls for decoration
  • Cooking spray


  1. Prepare the Gelatin Mixture:

    • In a large mixing bowl, sprinkle the gelatin packets evenly over the boiling water.
    • Stir continuously until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
    • Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
    • Stir in vanilla extract. If you wish to add color, add a few drops of food coloring and mix well.
  2. Prepare the Mold:

    • Choose a mold or cake pan in the desired shape and size for your cake.
    • Lightly spray the inside of the mold with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  3. Pour Gelatin Mixture:

    • Carefully pour the gelatin mixture into the prepared mold.
    • Allow any bubbles to rise to the surface and pop them with a toothpick or skewer.
  4. Chill:

    • Place the mold in the refrigerator and chill for at least 4 hours or until the gelatin is completely set.
  5. Remove from Mold:

    • Once the gelatin is set, gently run a knife around the edges of the mold to loosen the gelatin.
    • Place a plate or serving dish upside down over the mold.
    • Holding the mold and plate together, carefully flip them over so that the gelatin releases onto the plate. Tap the bottom of the mold if necessary to help release the gelatin.
  6. Decorate with Pearls:

    • Arrange edible pearls or sugar pearls on top of the gelatin cake in any design you like. You can create patterns, write messages, or simply scatter them over the surface.
  7. Serve:

    • Once decorated, the gelatin cake is ready to be served. Slice and enjoy its refreshing, light texture!
  8. Storage:

    • Store any leftover gelatin cake in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap or in an airtight container, for up to 3 days.

Enjoy your beautiful and delicious clear gelatin cake with pearl decoration!

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